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At PQN Enterprises we understand that whether enjoying a relaxing Spa or cruising in your Houseboat or camping in your favorite RV or  playing the upper nine in your favorite golf car, there is nothing that brings more comfort to you and your environment than the sounds of your favorite music.

At PQN Enterprises, Inc we understand that not all audio speakers are created equal. PQN Audio speakers are designed to withstand not only outdoor conditions but also the spa and hot tub environment..

At PQN Enterprises, Inc we strive to combine performance, quality and innovative designs into products you can trust for years of enjoyment. From Classic Rock to Classical to Country,  listen to all of your favorites on the quality outdoor audio products from PQN Enterprises, Inc. If they don't sound good, they're not from PQN.

PQN Enterprises, Inc. History

It all started about 40 years ago with a 9V AM transistor radio and a quite large 12" TV speaker yanked from a junked console. With that little transister radio and that ridiculously oversized speaker,  NYC AM radio sure sounded great.

That was where the dreams started for innovative audio speaker concepts. Ideas for great sounding music. Through decades of manufacturing and product development experience came the vision of innovative audio products. PQN Audio is known for its innovative waterproof speaker designs that provide a not so compact sound reproduction.  PQN Audio is the result of years of dreams and ideas.

It all started with the Spa25, a 2.5" waterproof speaker with dynamic sound integrated with an audio driven LED show. The Spa22 is a true 2" 2-way speaker system with clarity never found before from a small waterproof speaker.

And now, another PQN Audio innovation,..the Spa24  & Spa34.. industry's 1st wall-fitting audio speaker concept. Designed with a threaded body and a bulkhead nut for simple one hole installation with no other hardware needed!  Both Spa24& Spa34 are available with or without its internal LED show.

Give us a call if you have ideas of your own! We offer full OEM support.

PQN Enterprises, Inc is the source for great sounding compact and full sized  audio speakers built to offer years of performance.

The vision is pure - innovative audio products. The goal is simple - to provide quality, value and enjoyment.. Listen to PQN Innovation.

Special Performance Audio (SPA) waterproof audio speakers combine quality, performance & innovation.

Special Performance Audio  (SPA)

PQN Enterprises, Inc

Listen to PQN Innovation

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Welcome to PQN Enterprises, Inc.

PQN Enterprises / PQN Audio is dedicated to bringing innovative great sound to your environment. PQN speakers are designed for optimum performance in support of your company's project development needs. Our Special Performance Audio (SPA) waterproof speakers provide quality engineered audio products designed for years of trouble free audio enjoyment. Our exclusive  SPA25 and SPA22 2-Way waterproof speaker offer audio solutions wherever audio is needed.. Our SPA35 spa speakers offers quality no-nonsense  performance with a 3.5" design. PQN's exclusive SPA24 and SPA34 wall-fitting bulkhead speakers offers single hole installation with its threaded body design. Simply cut a single mounting hole and attach with a full sized rear nut. There is no need for additional hardware screws or nuts. PQN speakers can fit as no speakers have fit before while providing audio performance unmatched in compact designs! Our ECO Ultra-Slim Series products offer performance and value with its 1" mounting depth and are perfect for RV and Camper walls or ceilings.

PQN is also home to the SpaT and SpaTFX waterproof audio transducers - the new industry standards for quality waterproof transducers. waterproof transducers. audio transducers. 

                                                   Listen to PQN Innovation

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PQN Enterprises, Inc offers OEM product development support. We thank you for considering PQN Audio as your source for OEM and after-market waterproof speakers. spa speakers  hot tub speakers  rv speakers  waterproof speakers spa speaker  PQN  PQN Audio  float tank audio

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